Lesley Longworth Art

Making art accessible to all.....


*Oil painting 80 x 100 cms

*Commission piece


* Pastel on A3 pastel paper 

*Commission piece


*Oil painting 80 x 100 cms


*Pencil and water colour on canvas

*80 x 100 cms.

*Commission piece 


*Watercolour and pencil on watercolour board

*48 x 68 cms

*Commission piece


*Pencil on cartridge paper 

*29 x 39 cms


*Pencil and watercolour

*60 x 45 cms



*100 x 50 cms


"Crazy Puerto Rican Opera Singer, now owner of The Great Tree Theatre & Cantina in Glorious Ramsgate in Kent!" (Sheherazades words!)

*Oil painting

*50 x 60 cms