Lesley Longworth Art

Making art accessible to all.....

Customer Testimonials:

"I commissioned a piece of artwork  several years ago from Lesley. I was so impressed I commissioned a complete redesign, interior redecoration of my house and a complete set of artwork to go along with it. Her work is simply brilliant, done with attention to detail, incredible creativity and personalisation.


Dr O Wilde, Crichlow Medicals, Hemel Hempstead


“The portrait work of Lesley Longworth is both technically brilliant and warm with humanity: she wonderfully captured the essence of our father in a large pencil drawing taken only from a thumbnail photograph online. Lesley remains charmingly unaware of her own artistic genius and of the immense pleasure that she is able to share through her heaven-sent gift.”

                                                                                         Dej Mahoney, All Our Business, London


"I was truly blessed to be a subject for Lesley. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with her, she has a charm of putting you at your ease, allowing you to be yourself and capture the honesty of you. Lesley's gaze captures her subjects personality and visualises the reality of you, glazed with the essence of her painting style. A style which has no difficulty in resonating with people.
Her work has a unique ambiance which would sit comfortably any wall"

                                               Miles Chambers: Poet, artist, cook and social commentator, Bristol

"Art with a great sensitivity and thought, would love to pose nude for Ms Longworth as I know her skill and gentle brushstrokes would produce an amazing work to keep for the ages.


Scheherazde Pesante, Opera Singer and owner of the Great Tree Theatre & Cantina, Ramsgate